Nakshatra & Navamsha Reading (Vedic Astrology Reading)

Nakshatra & Navamsha Reading (Vedic Astrology Reading)


Nakshatra & Navamsha Reading $54

Pre-requisite: please start with Bhava Reading.

  • How it works:
    When you purchase the reading, complete the form with your date, exact time, and place of birth. I’ll contact you so we can set your appointment.

  • This reading requires prep time. Your appointment will generally be 3-5 days after you purchase the reading. Want it faster? Call me 805-640-578

  • Prior to your appointment, I’ll e-mail your charts. I recommend you print them to take notes.

  • In your actual appointment, we’ll spend 40 minutes together in-person or on Skype.

  • Nakshatra is the 27-sign Lunar Zodiac unique to Vedic Astrology. This reading continues where the Bhava Reading left-off giving you deeper and more subtle insight into the workings of your mind.

  • The Bhava Reading shows your soul’s potentials in this incarnation. Nakshatra & Navamsha shows what you tend to do with these potentials.

  • Nakshatras offer subtle insights into your personality. They’re extremely helpful for understanding mind and personality on a deep level.

  • Your Navamsha shows how the Solar and Lunar Zodiacs combine in your life. How your mind and personality either help or hinder your soul’s expression.

  • Your Nakshatra & Navamsha Reading includes PDFs of your charts and personalized interpretations of the Nakshatras & Navamsha. It also introduces the Atma Karaka or soul-Planet in your chart.

  • How it works:
    Complete the form when you purchase the reading. We’ll meet in my home office if you’re local or on on-line if you’re distant. Please book at least 3 days in advance as this reading requires preparation of your charts. On-line reading is via Zoom, Facetime, or Google hangouts. Zoom is best for screen sharing and recording.

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