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What to expect from a reading with Anastasia

New clients often ask, What are your gifts?

Clairvoyant, clairaudient, empath, and channel. As an intuitive arts practitioner I use different modalities for different situations. My favorite tools are Tarot for its elegant symbolism, Vedic Astrology (cosmic GPS), and crystals for bio-energetic tuning.



Astrologically speaking, my chart contains a rare triple Hamsa Yoga. This asterism gives powerful abilities to guide people toward their purest and highest good. Ketu conjunct Mercury in 7th House gives past-life recall and an ability to understand karmic relationships and past-life connections.

Swan is the symbol of Hamsa Yoga

Swan is the symbol of Hamsa Yoga


The reading space at my home

The reading space at my home

What to expect from your Reading?


Psychic readings are a 2-way street. In both Tarot and Vedic Astrology readings, we’ll dialog to refine the message and apply it to your situation.

Solution Oriented

Your reading will be solution-oriented. Even when obstacles are caused by another person or circumstances beyond your control, the focus is on helping you transform the situation toward positive outcomes and highest good.


Anything discussed in a reading is held in strictest confidence. I hold myself to the same ethical standards as any professional counselor. If you don’t feel a good connection, I’ll happily issue a refund for unused time. Click here to read the refunds and cancellations policy.


How long should your reading be?

How long should your reading be?

How Long?

Getting the most from your Tarot reading means booking the right amount of time. Scroll down to see which tarot reading is right for you. If you’re interested in Vedic Astrology, start with your Bhava Reading. Hybrid readings combine Astrology & Tarot and come in 60 minutes or 90 minutes.


15 Minute Tarot Reading

A 15 minute reading covers ONE topic. For example a co-worker giving you problems or a specific question about your relationship. Trying to cram your job, your love-life, your kids, and whether-or-not you should move to another state … into a 15-minute card reading is too much! Keep it focused and we’ll gain clarity on your most pressing issue.


30 Minute Tarot Reading

A 30 minute reading can cover a couple topics or go more deeply into one. In this format I’ll often start with a general spread to see what the cards say and then we’ll dialog about what matters most to you. I may do 2 full spreads on separate topics or several mini-spreads on different aspects of one topic.


45 Minutes Tarot Reading

A 45- minute reading may include several spreads. It’s good when you have a complex situation and need to understand all the nuances. We’ll start with a general overview and then get into your specific questions often pulling new cards for each question.


60 Minutes Tarot Reading & Tarot-Astrology Hybrid

An hour is good if you need a really thorough reading. A 60 minute appointment can include ether a detailed Tarot Reading or a hybrid Astrology + Tarot reading. An hour can cover longer periods of time, like your yearly or seasonal outlook. It can cover several different questions or go very deeply into a complex issue. An hour reading will always include remedies to help you deal.

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My favorite selenite crystal ball …

My favorite selenite crystal ball …

I see you … booking a reading!