May 7, 2019 is Super Special - 3 Ways YOU Can Sail with the Cosmic Current!

Something very cool astrologically is happening on May 7, 2019. It’s called Akshaya Tritiya and it’s a day when both the Sun and Moon are exalted. It’s a sort of astrological pass go and collect $200. Read on to see 3 ways you can sail with this favorable cosmic current.

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Best Method to Clear a Vintage or Used Tarot Deck

Hi Anastasia! My husband gifted me with a Faustino Solesio Genova tarocchi deck from the early 1900s … what’s the best method to clear it?

Undeniably the best way to cleanse any item is to start with good ol’ soap & water ... But what about Tarot Cards? You can’t wash those with water. Well you could … but … SOGGY!!! If you want to know how to “dry clean” your new-to-you tarot cards, read on.

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