Psychic Readings:
Tarot & LeNormand


Tarot & Lenormand card readings with Anastasia

Tarot & LeNormand Card Readings

Fortune-telling? Divine Guidance? The DaVinci Code in a card? The elegant symbolism of Tarot is all this and more.

Tarot Card Readings:
Psychic readings to help you clarify your Business, Relationships, Real Estate, Past Lives, Health, Legal Questions, and Spiritual goals.  Guaranteed a few AHA! moments plus solid guidance to help you trust your own intuition and make informed choices.

LeNormand Cards: Great for short, practical questions and a no-nonsense approach. Hybrid readings combined with Tarot.

4 ways to get your Tarot Reading

  1. Book an in-person reading in Ventura.
    Call or text 805-640-5781

  2. On-line webcam reading (scroll down)

  3. Telephone Reading. Click here to book on-line

  4. E-mail Reading (scroll down)

On-lineTarot reading with Anastasia via webcam

On-lineTarot reading with Anastasia via webcam

On-Line Tarot reading - webcam

  1. Purchase the reading and complete the form with your availability

  2. We’ll set-up an appointment by e-mail or text. Need same day? Call or text to ask for soonest opening.

  3. We’ll do the reading on skype, google hangouts or facetime and I’ll also e-mail you a photo of the key cards in the spread.

  4. Not sure how much time you need? Click here to find out.

e-mail or skype tarot reading

e-mail or skype tarot reading

Tarot reading by e-mail
Available any time

1 Question 4 Cards

Here’s how it works:

  1. You purchase the reading and complete the form with your question

  2. I’ll reply with a detailed interpretation of the cards and photo

  3. Please allow 24-48 hours for me to do my thing.