Hybrid Readings:
Tarot & Vedic Astrology


Tarot & Astrology Hybrid

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60 minutes Vedic Astrology + Tarot $81
90 minutes Vedic Astrology + Tarot $108

60 Minutes Tarot-Astrology Hybrid

If you have major life changes in the works, you’ll probably want a 60-minute reading. Deep life-changing questions about your career, your relationship, or your soul’s purpose (dharma) need time to explore the nuances of past, present, and future. Serious matters might need an hour to consider all angles. An hour can also cover longer periods of time, like your yearly outlook. An hour reading will always include remedies. A hybrid reading uses the power of Astrology to examine general themes in your life coupled with the psychological insight of Tarot to hone-in on specifics.

90 Minutes Tarot-Astrology Hybrid

Sometimes there’s a LOT going on and you have to go deep! This reading includes 45 minutes Astrology and 45 minutes Tarot to look at your life from all sides. Don’t worry, we’ll take a little break in the middle! A 90 minute reading can get to the bottom of complex inter-related issues. It can take a long view of your life helping you to plan 1, 3, 5, or even 10 years into the future. Research into natural trance states reveals that human brains have a 90 minute micro-cycle for processing information and experience on different levels. A ninety-minute interval can accomplish deeply transformative work due to the brain’s natural rhythm. Prior to booking a 90-minute session I recommend that you’ve already had a Bhava reading so you’re familiar with your Vedic chart. This isn’t required, but it’s helpful if your focus is on long-range planning and major life decisions.