Psychic Readings in Ventura

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Tarot readings in Ventura

Psychic readings to help you clarify your Business, Relationships, Real Estate, Past Lives, Health, Legal Questions, and Spiritual goals.  Guaranteed a few AHA! moments plus solid guidance to help you trust your own intuition and make informed choices. Call or text 805-640-5781 to book a reading or book on-line.

LeNormand Cards: Great for short, practical questions and a no-nonsense approach. Hybrid readings combined with Tarot.

In Person: Ventura, CA
On-line webcam reading



Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) readings in ventura

Vedic Astrology is a sophisticated tool for understanding how stars and planets affect you. Your natal chart shows your soul’s purpose and glimpses into past lives and the future. Jyotish uses the same signs and planets you’ll recognize from Western Astrology, but it uses astronomically accurate data - so you might be surprised at the differences. It’s the mother of evolutionary astrology and the most ancient continuously practiced from of astrology on the planet. Click here to learn more about what Vedic Astrology can do for you.

PLEASE BOOK AT LEAST 3 DAYS IN ADVANCE. Your Vedic Astrology chart takes several hours of prep time before we meet.



hybrid tarot & vedic Astrology Readings:

Hybrid Tarot & Vedic Astrology Readings: 60 or 90 Minutes. Combines a general astrological overview with specifics from Tarot. Great for timing questions and yearly or monthly outlook. Requires accurate birth data (date, location, and time of birth).



Psychic Reading room in Ventura, CA. The space is cozy and inviting. Conveniently located off the 101 Freeway & California Street exit.