How to Pick the Right Psychic

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Last week I read for two clients who’d had bad psychics. One told me she’d gotten a reading for her birthday and the psychic told her a bunch of generalized obvious stuff. The other client shared that she’d seen a psychic who didn’t read her at all but told her she had a curse that needed removing. UGH! 

Here’s the thing. Just like lawyers, mechanics, or any other profession, there are good psychics, bad psychics, good psychics having a bad day, and some who’re downright dishonest.

So, how do you find a good psychic before you waste money on a bad one?

Asking your friends is one of the best ways. You’d probably ask around your circle if you were looking for a plumber to fix that leaky sink. I know. Shopping for a psychic is a little more personal. Maybe you don’t want to ask your friends because they’re not into the woo. Or maybe that psychic your best friend raves about just seems meh to you. In that case, read on. This little blog will help you find a psychic who’s a good fit.

  1. Tools and modalities.
    Psychics use a variety of tools. Everything from Tarot cards to Tea leaves. Ultimately, tools are only as good as the hand that wields them. When shopping for a psychic, focus more on the person than the tools.

  2. Education.
    Sadly there’s no Hogwarts graduating accredited witches and wizards. I wish there were! Still, you might ask if your prospective psychic has any credentials or degrees. A college degree has nothing to do with psychic ability … but it can speak to credibility or expertise in a field that resonates with you.

  3.   Age.
    Age is no guarantee of wisdom. There are plenty of foolish old people and wise young ones. But at age 54 I stand in awe of my spiritual mentors who’re in their 80s.They’re like old oak trees. You can just feel their presence. In many professions, youth is an asset. But with psychics, I tend to go the other route. I want someone who’s been around the block a few times. Many of us are born psychic so age isn’t everything. But years of life experience and spiritual practice deepen a person. I know I’m a better psychic today than 20 years ago.

  4. Experience.
    Anyone can tell you they’ve been a psychic for x number of years. I’m talking about something different. Say you want advice on your business. Ask your prospective psychic if she’s had any business experience outside of being a psychic. It’s a fair question. Want relationship advice? Ask your psychic if he’s happily married. Personally I take relationship advice from single people with a grain of salt. Anyway, you get the idea. Without being overly invasive, it’s fair to ask psychics what sort of experience and background they have outside of being a professional psychic. Some of the answers might surprise you. But asking these questions will help you know if a psychic is a good fit.

  5. Use your own intuition.
    Seriously. All of us have it. Picking a psychic is the perfect place to let your hunches guide you. How does the psychic present herself? Do his words and images resonate with you?

Well, good luck out there. I hope this little guide will help make sure that no one ever has to be disappointed by a bad reading.

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