Basic Chart PDF

Basic Chart PDF


Basic Chart PDF $9.99

  • How it works:
    Purchase your chart and complete the form with your date, exact time, and location of birth. Please allow 1-3 days for delivery or let me know if you’re in a “rush”.

  • What’s included:
    A computer-generated report with everything you need to research and learn on your own. You’ll get a zip file of PDFs with your Charts, Nakshatra, Dasha, and Sadhe Sati. Take the interpretations “with a grain of salt” since they’re computer-generated. Your Basic Chart PDF is a fun way to get started if you’re curious about Vedic Astrology.

  • What’s not included:
    This report contains charts and boiler-plate text only. It’s a fun way to dip a toe in the water … but it’s no substitute for a real astrology reading which you can purchase here.

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