Misteri dei Tarocchi© Module 1.3 - July 20, 2019

Misteri dei Tarocchi© Module 1.3 - July 20, 2019


Misteri dei Tarocchi© Module 1.3 CLASS + MANUAL (NEW students or continuing students who need a print manual)
Class meets in Ventura on Saturday July 20, 201 9, from 3:00p - 6:30.
On-line option to face-time into the class.
Misteri dei Tarocchi Module 1.3: Major Arcana, the Fool’s Journey. Spiritual evolution and the initiatory path of the Tarot.

This is class #3 of the Foundations Module. Open to continuing students or new students who are familiar with Tarot and wish to deepen their understanding of the Major Arcana. You’ll learn to use the Majors both for regular Tarot reading and as a tool for spiritual self-initiation.
This class includes both classical Tarot and Anastasia’s original research unavailable anywhere else.

***NEW STUDENTS*** please purchase this $78 option to receive PDF files for all 3 Modules.

**CONTINUING STUDENTS** purchase this class if you want a PRINT manual. Purchase the $64 option if you want PDF.

Each class sold separately:
Module 1.1 Intro to Tarot - The 40 Number Cards. Ethics. Caring for your Cards.
Module 1.2 Tarot Court Cards, Astrology & Tarot
Module 1.3 The Fool’s Journey. The Major Arcana & spiritual evolution

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