How I Used Psychic Abilities to Win the Lottery

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“If you’re so psychic, how come you don’t win the lottery?”

It’s a question psychics get asked with annoying regularity.  But it’s a fair question - and one I’ve asked myself.  So I’ll give you a pass on the annoyance factor.

Yes, there are Beings of extremely high development who have the psychic abilities to manipulate Time and Matter to win a lottery.  But many (not all) beings of this magnitude have no interest in lottery money.  Lottery is gambling and to extremely ethical beings, gambling money is dirty money.  It carries the karma of greed and failure.  A being powerful enough to win the lottery with psychic powers also has other ways of obtaining cleaner money.  Mahatma Gandhi wrote wealth without work is a curse. I’ll leave you to ponder that one for a while.

Let’s leave these rarified realms and come back down to earth.  Psychic abilities can definitely help tip the odds in your favor … but the odds on winning a major lottery are like 175 million to one against.  And, hey, I’m good, but I’m not that good. Yet.

In my life, I’ve been so poor I was homeless and living in my car. I’ve also successfully invested in real estate, made heaps of cash but felt depressed and lonely. These experiences taught me compassion for people from all walks of life. I understand being flat-ass broke and I found out the hard way that money doesn’t buy happiness

Nowadays I live in a tiny house by the beach in a place of great natural beauty. Sure there are times when I wish I had a fancier house or a newer car, but I’ve seen real poverty in India and Central America. I know my life is prosperous and blessed. I have zero debt – what I do have is truly my own and I earned it. In my economic journey, psychic abilities are one tool in a kit that includes ethical business practices, education, and common sense. I have everything I really need and live a life of intentional simplicity.  So, in a way, I did win the lottery.

If you’re exploring right livelihood, manifesting wealth, business strategy or finding deeper meaning beyond the material, call me. I’m happy to help. Even if you want some good lottery numbers, I’ll give it my best shot.

Love, Anastasia

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